TELLERS originated with singer / songwriter Sarah Feinberg, whose music is known for its honesty and introspection. After compiling songs, Sarah met Brad Heyne, who helped her form the band and the two began playing shows. A year into the band's formation, Tyler Chism and Isaac Melum were added to the lineup. In 2016, Ryan McQuen joined on drums.

The band came to greater attention as a part of Everett's growing music scene with their debut EP To Learn the Land and Live, as well as playing shows from Bellingham to Seattle with artists such as Damien Jurado, Cataldo, Shelby Earl, Grace Love & the True Loves, Rabbit Wilde, and Smokey Brights.

Their new EP titled WALKING BLIND is a fresh direction for the band. It grapples with the uncertainties of life and the desire to make sense of the unknown, which come out as strongly in the music as in the lyrics. The blend of heartfelt and ambient rock n’ roll wanders into new, yet familiar territory with each song.